Introduction to a New Face-0

Introduction to a New Face-0

Annatier profile

Annatier's looks

Annatier is a fictional cartoon character that was inspired by Reitanna's personal battles with Manic Depressive Disorder. She is nothing more than a metaphor, and in no way shape or form is she an actual entity or another voice Reitanna hears. She represents Reitanna's thoughts while she's unstable, and nothing more.


She has black hair and also wears a white headband. Her skin has absolutely no pigment, and she has a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Her eyes are the most recognizable attribute; her left eye is yellow in color, listless, and her pupil has the inability to dialate. He right eye is nothing but a small black +. Both of her eyes have very dark shadows around them.


Annatier is usually seen smiling. The only time she ever frowns is when she is VERY angry that she isn't getting what she wants, which is usually to manipulate Reitanna completely. She also wears black, and sometimes dark grey.  If she is presented with clothes that are not already mostly black, they turn black when she touches them. Though, she doesn't actually change her clothes; whatever Reitanna is wearing, Annatier is also wearing something similar, but in black.


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