Koda Visits Walgreens

Koda Visits Walgreens


Koda's looks

On February 21, 2008, a boy named Koda was born. But he was not born as a baby. He was Reitanna. She had bought a wig so she could be L from DeathNote for halloween, and she had aquired a lot of boyish black clothing from her gothic years. she also had an ace bandage for my ankle injury. Not only that, but she had a black beanie that she had no use for. Reitanna thought, “what would I look like as a boy?” So she bound up her chest, put on the wig and the beanie, and darkened her makeup as much as she used to when she was gothic. And Koda was born. He became a character in Reitanna's and Lauren’s roleplay; Tenji’s son. But he also became Reitanna's alter ego, a person she could play when she didn’t want to be herself, which was often. Even though she knew Koda was herself, and she was well aware that she had a v*****, he still felt like a different person. He had an attitude that she seemed to not be able to achieve as herself, and frankly, She couldn’t even roleplay online as him without dressing as him. He even walked around with Lauren and Ariel, and was addressed as Koda. 


Koda is a gothic rocker type guy. He wears makeup because he isn’t afraid to express himself. 


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